Station Casinos Sports Connection - Official Rules

1. Welcome to Station Casinos Sports Connection. By opening a Sports Connection account or by using, you agree to comply with and be legally bound by these rules, as well as Station Casinos Sports Connection's terms of use (, privacy policy (, and any house rules or event wagering rules that may apply to your Sports Connection account or wagering activities using the account. If you do not accept and agree to the terms of use, rules, and privacy policy for Sports Connection, you may not use Sports Connection in any way.

2. Station Casinos Sports Connection intranet and phone wagers are accepted only within the Las Vegas area. Sports Connection mobile wagers are accepted throughout the State of Nevada. Nevada law prohibits wagers originating from outside the State of Nevada. It is illegal to place a wager originating outside the State of Nevada using Sports Connection.

3. All Station Casinos Sports Connection applications must be made in person, and applicants must provide Station Casinos with an acceptable and valid proof of identification, proof of residence, social security number, and other information.

4. All account applicants must be twenty-one (21) years or older.

5. Wagering accounts may be opened with an authorized Sports Connection representative at any participating property (including, for example, Station-branded properties, Wildfire Gaming properties, and Fiesta-branded properties) or elsewhere.

6. All Station Casinos Sports Connection wagering account transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, must be made by the account holder(s) only. Agents or other representatives are not permitted. Wagering accounts may be used only by the person(s) named on the application for such account. The initial deposit into a wagering account, as well as all withdrawals, must be made in person, and signed and authorized by the account holder at a Station Casinos Race and Sports Book or other participating sports book during normal business hours. Subsequent deposits can be made in person. Deposits to, and withdrawals from, wagering accounts may be conducted at any participating property, including Station-branded properties, Wildfire Gaming properties, Fiesta-branded properties, or any other participating sports book.

7. A Station Casinos guest may open more than one Station Casinos Sports Connection wagering account, and more than one person may be listed as an authorized user of the wagering account. But if the guest holds a Sports Connection wagering account with another person, each person is responsible and liable for all transactions, wagering, withdrawals, and other activities on that account, regardless of who asked for a particular transaction, wager, withdrawal, or other action on the account.

8. A minimum deposit of $50.00 must be made to open or replenish a Station Casinos Sports Connection wagering account. Deposits to wagering accounts must be made with cash, approved chips or tokens, a credit card, or a debit card. At the Casino Cage, patrons may exchange the following for cash: personal checks, cashier's checks, wire transfers, money orders, debit cards, credit cards, and electronic transfers of money.

9. Station Casinos Sports Connection patrons with wagering accounts may be required to provide account number(s) and acceptable valid identification when conducting account transactions.

10. A Station Casinos Sports Connection wager will not be accepted if the total value of the wager exceeds the wagering account's balance.

11. Station Casinos Sports Connection wagers are subject to established wagering limits. For example, the minimum wager is $5.00.

12. Station Casinos Sports Connection wagers are accepted during normal Sports Book hours of operation, unless Station Casinos determines otherwise.

13. Station Casinos Sports Connection rules, upon regulatory review, are subject to change by Station Casinos at any time. Please visit our website at and review the rules regularly to learn of any changes. We may update or change the Station Casinos Sports Connection rules, terms of use, or privacy policy from time to time at our sole discretion and without advance notice to you. Your continued use of your Sports Connection account after the posting of any change to the rules, terms of use, or privacy policy constitutes your binding acceptance of such change. If any change is unacceptable to you, you must stop using Sports Connection entirely and close your Sports Connection wagering account.

14. All applicable Station Casinos Race and Sports Book house rules and regulations apply to Station Casinos Sports Connection wagering accounts.

15. Upon reasonable request, Station Casinos will provide patrons a statement of account showing each wagering account deposit, each wagering account withdrawal, each credit to a wagering account, and each debit to the wagering account made during the time period reported by the account statement. Patrons may dispute any transaction according to Nevada Gaming Commission Regulation 7A or Title 41 of the 2010 Nevada Code (NRS 463.361-463.366), as applicable.

16. Station Casinos will make a print, electronic, or other approved record of the entirety of each Station Casinos Sports Connection transaction and shall not accept any wager or transaction if the recording system is inoperable. Recorded wagering transactions shall be maintained for a minimum of sixty (60) days. The record of the patron's confirmation of all wagering information shall be deemed to be the transaction of record, regardless of what was recorded by the computerized bookmaking or pari-mutuel system. The transaction records are made available to the Nevada Gaming Control Board upon request.

17. You acknowledge that a wager placed using Station Casinos Sports Connection is binding on you and Station Casinos only when the Station Casinos Sport Connection system responds: WAGER IS CONFIRMED on the phone system or the message “YOUR WAGER HAS BEEN ACCEPTED” is displayed for intranet or mobile wagers.

18. Station Casinos, in its sole discretion, has the right to:

a. Refuse the establishment or maintenance of any or all Station Casinos Sports Connection accounts;

b. Refuse deposits to accounts;

c. Refuse to accept all or part of any wager;

d. Declare the account wagering system closed for receiving any or all wagers;

e. Suspend or close any account at any time, provided, however, that when an account is closed, Station Casinos shall, within five (5) business days, return the balance of the wagering account at the time of said action, subject to compliance with Nevada Gaming Commission regulations, Station Casinos' house rules, and federal and state laws and regulations, by sending a check to the patron's address of record; or

f. Close any wagering account when an account holder tries to operate with an insufficient balance or when the account is dormant for an unacceptably long period of time, as determined by Station Casinos in its sole discretion. In either case, Station Casinos shall refund the balance of the Sports Connection wagering account, subject to compliance with Nevada Gaming Commission regulations, Station Casinos' house rules, and federal or state law.

19. Station Casinos takes reasonable steps to keep your information confidential, except when Station Casinos is required to share such information the Nevada Gaming Control Board or as otherwise required by applicable federal, state, or other law. But by opening a Sports Connection account, you agree that Station may share your personal information with others outside the affiliated group of Station Casinos companies. With regard to wagering information, Station Casinos shall keep confidential, except from you, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, or as otherwise required by federal or state law: (a) the amount of money credited to, debited from, or present in any particular patron's wagering account, (b) the amount of money wagered by a particular patron on any event, (c) the account number and secure personal identification method that identifies the patron, and (d) the identities of particular entries on which a patron is wagering or has wagered. For more information about how Station Casinos collects, uses, and shares information about you concerning Sports Connection, please visit